Meet The Writers

Say Hello to some of our Writers…

Sujona Chatterjee

Sujona lives in Mumbai, India. She loves Mumbai even more when it rains, the hustle, and the undying spirit of its people. She is passionate about writing and is always looking for new experiences in books and movies. Her ‘Me’ time includes meditation, writing poetry and penning life’s random moments for Living Out Loud.

Leah Lau

Leah Lau is the CEO & Chief Spiritual Officer of Cosmic Dyad LLC. In her psychic and energy healing work, she serves as a bridge between spirit and the multidimensional universe as a Lightworker * Reiki Master Teacher, Usui, Tibetan, and Pleiadian Reiki * Master Akashic Records Reader & Healer * Writer * Psychic * Spiritual Coach * Advanced Pranic Healer * Meditation Teacher * Writer * Editor * Photographer * Costume Designer. Her life’s work is dedicated to making the world more positive and equitable: For more than 20 years, she has been spearheading community advocacy at the local, national and international levels, with a focus on education, the arts, and health care. She is a creative visionary with far-reaching professional experience as a Director of Communications and Editor for fields as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, corporate philanthropy, nonprofits, and government. She is a multilingual world traveler who has circumnavigated the world and trekked on all 7 continents, including Antarctica. *

Kim Petersen

Part-time Rebellion. Full-time keyboard Warrior | Writing about – Soul. Love. Humor. Passion. Spirituality. Sensuality. Sex. Life. |


Be yourself on purpose – but do it with purpose.

Beatrice Causey

I’ve always had a passion for writing but I haven’t been writing consistently throughout my life – sometimes I’ve gone years without writing anything. However not too long ago, I stumbled across some old writing of mine and it moved me so deeply, I just felt that this was something I couldn’t hold back any longer. Writing for me is a way of living and it speaks directly to my heart. Being able to write about my emotions now brings me along a path I haven’t been walking for a while. I would be honoured for anyone to join me down this road, exploring the inner circles and corners of our rich emotional life.

Jade M.

Jade is a Louisiana based author who loves video games and usually writes about experiences she has. If you enjoy her writing, please follow her.

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